Mobile Data Collection using Ohmage in China


Mobile Data Collection using Ohmage in China



ohmage is a great, mature open-source tool for mobile data collection being used by researchers, clinicians and instructors for collecting and analyzing data. ohmage is even being used in the LAUSD as a tool to teach data collection, computer science and statistics.

Up until now, the majority of this has all been done in the United States.

When a researcher asked if ohmage could be used in China to collect data on the effectiveness of a drug cessation program there were several challenges that had to be overcome. Not just the obvious ones like language (though that is a big one) but data encryption, man in the middle attacks, export laws, separation of PII data, Chinese and International privacy laws and internet security for systems used for data analysis. Add to this the fact that the native ohmage application is written in Cordova (PhoneGap) for multi-platform use and you get another level of complexity and difficulty. We will try to cover as many of these topics in the time that we have and still answer some questions at the end of the talk.




Technical Level


  • Data Collection
  • Javascript
  • Javascript Frameworks and Tools
  • Web-based Mobile Apps
  • Analytics and Data Analysis