Web App Multithreading with Web Workers


Web App Multithreading with Web Workers



If you’ve ever tried creating a large or processing intensive web application, chances are you’ve struggled with some of the performance pitfalls that plague the web platform. The incredible openness, power, flexibility and extensibility of the web are often undermined or overlooked due to common complaints about performance bottlenecks. Proponents of native app ecosystems will often decry the thought of full web app implementations citing issues like lack of hardware access, graphics acceleration, or multithreading capabilities. However, as the web platform continues to evolve, more and more of these concerns are being addressed each day. Modern web specifications define APIs and constructs that enable web apps to overcome these performance limitations.
As modern web apps seek to do more, the single-threaded javascript runtime in particular limits the performance of background data processing tasks and script execution alongside common page rendering events. With Web Workers (, this inherent javascript limitation may finally be removed. This specification provides an API for creating OS level threads to run additional scripts. As Web Workers, these scripts run concurrently with the execution of the actual web page. Come learn about the capabilities of Web Workers and how you can leverage this new technology to increase the capabilities of your javascript driven web apps.




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  • Modern Web
  • HTML 5
  • Javascript
  • Web Performance